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North America is home to 461 million people, ranking fourth when it comes to population despite being the third largest continent in the world. The United States dominates the continent with over half of the total population.







The U.S. poverty rate is the third worst among the developed nations tracked by the OECD. Kids in the U.S. experience higher poverty rates than most developed nations; 1 in 7 children will be born into poverty. Only Greece, Mexico, Israel and Turkey have higher child poverty rates than the U.S.

More than 40 million American families find themselves in a situation where housing consumes more than 30 percent of their income, forcing them to maintain a nearly impossible balance by making hard decisions about food, transportation and health.

Forty-one million Americans struggle with hunger, a number nearly equal to the 40.6 million officially living in poverty.

Sources: OECD, U.S. Census Bureau, Feeding America, The Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University


The Global Impact North America Fund brings together four of the most respected, best-in-the-business international organizations focused on helping those in North America: Direct Relief, Habitat for Humanity, International Relief Teams and Save the Children.

Through this fund, you will join with millions of people to change the world by helping to provide increased access to healthcare and education, job training, women’s and youth empowerment, disaster relief, and a host of other services to those in need throughout North America.

Your contributions go directly to supporting real and meaningful work to improve the lives of those living across North America.


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